Our Story

We are the Vasquez family.... Matt, Emily, Jaxson and our corgi pup, Felix. 

Through our hand-crafted candles, we become part of your community. Let each time you light our candles, use our melts, or wear our t-shirt remind you that today is a good day to help make someone’s life better! 

About US:
We love living and serving in the Tulsa area. We have a feisty, creative and fun 6-year old son that stretches our imagination and expectation of spreading kindness to everyone that walks through our doors. He is very involved in the decisions and ideas and we love that he's truly part of how we are impacting the community. We've been in the candle game for awhile and are so thrilled to be the new owners of Secret Gardens (as of February 2020) a local staple that has been around for 3 decades this year. 

Matt Fun Facts:
Favorites Drink: Chocolate Milk
Favorite Accessory: Statements Socks
Favorite Past-Time: Dreaming + Clubhouse
Favorite Side Item: Potato Salad
Favorite Place Traveled To: NYC + Texas
Favorite Restaurant: The Melting Pot
Favorite Show: Undercover Billionaire 

Emily Fun Facts
Favorite Drink: Olipop Strawberry Vanilla + Peace Green Tea 
Favorite Accessory: Glasses + Statement Earrings
Favorite Past-Time: Binge-Watching with my bestie + essential oils
Favorite Side Item: All The SALSA 
Favorite Place Traveled To: Ireland & NYC
Favorite Restaurant: The Melting Pot
Favorite Show: Grey’s Anatomy + All The Shows

Jaxson Fun Facts
Favorite Drink: Smoothie + Chocolate Milk
Favorite Accessory: Costumes or Shoes
Favorite Past-Time: Snuggling + Running
Favorite Side Item: Yogurt 
Favorite Place Traveled To: Disneyworld + Central Park
Favorite Restaurant: Blaze
Favorite Show: The Octonauts + Wild Kratts